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Kalem is designed to help you generate high-quality content instantly, among hundreds of specialized templates. With our powerful AI and intuitive interface, you can easily generate, edit , save or export or your AI-generated contents. Preview

Generate, edit, Save, export.

Generate, edit, Save, export.

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Digital Agencies

Product Designers



Digital Marketers


Custom Prompts

Custom Templates.

YouTube Video Description

Enhances video SEO and engagement with well-structured, informative descriptions for content creators.

Facebook Campaign Generator

Streamlines compelling ad campaign creation, optimizing engagement and visual appeal for businesses.

Google Campaign Generator

Efficiently creates impactful, targeted Google ad campaigns, enhancing reach and engagement for businesses.

Video Script Generator

Assists video producers to produce quality and engaging videos with voiceover text and background ideas.

Testimonial Review

Structures customer feedback for businesses, generating compelling testimonials to build trust and credibility.

Problem Agilate Solution

Offers structured approach for individuals and organizations to resolve complex problems effectively.

Blog Section

Assists bloggers and website owners in organizing diverse articles, ensuring a dynamic and engaging blog presentation.

Blog Post Ideas

Sparks creativity for content creators, offering guidance to generate fresh, engaging blog topics.

Blog Intros

Provides captivating introduction ideas for bloggers, setting an engaging tone from the start.

Blog Conclusion

Assists writers in crafting impactful conclusions, summarizing key points and encouraging reader action.

Midjourney Prompt Generator

Versatile inspiration tool for writers and artists to overcome blocks and discover ideas.

Youtube Video Title

Aids in creating compelling, attention-grabbing titles to maximize viewer interest and click-through rates.

Youtube Video Tag

Simplifies selecting and implementing effective tags, boosting video SEO and discoverability on YouTube.

Instagram Captions

Simplifies crafting captivating captions, adding depth and engagement to Instagram posts for social media users.

Instagram Hashtags

Simplifies selecting effective hashtags, enhancing post discoverability and reach for social media users.

Social Media Post Tweet

Simplifies crafting concise, engaging tweets for Twitter, effective in reaching and engaging a broad audience.

Social Media Post Business

Aids in creating engaging, impactful posts for businesses, fostering customer connection and brand awareness.

Facebook Headlines

Streamlines crafting captivating, informative headlines for Facebook posts, boosting user engagement and interest.

Google Ads Headlines

Streamlines creating compelling headlines for PPC campaigns, enhancing customer attention and clicks.

Google Ads Description

Simplifies crafting persuasive, concise ad descriptions for Google Ads, boosting engagement and conversions.

Paragraph Generator

Assists in quickly generating well-structured paragraphs for various writings, enhancing coherence and appeal.

Pros & Cons

Facilitates balanced decision-making by simplifying the analysis of advantages and disadvantages.

Meta Description

Simplifies creating concise, compelling meta descriptions, enhancing web page SEO and click-through rates.

FAQ Generator (All Datas)

Streamlines crafting informative, user-friendly FAQ sections for businesses and websites, improving user experience.

Email Generator

Aids in creating professional, personalized email content for marketing, business, and personal communications.

Email Answer Generator

Facilitates crafting clear, effective email responses for various inquiries, enhancing digital communication efficiency.

Newsletter Generator

Facilitates creating engaging, informative newsletters for various audiences, enhancing loyalty and promotion.

Grammar Correction

Simplifies identifying and correcting grammar and punctuation, improving clarity and professionalism in writing.

TL;DR Summarization

Quickly distills key points from lengthy texts, ideal for professionals and students seeking concise summaries.

Custom Generation

Allows users to create tailored content, documents, or materials based on specific needs and preferences.

AI Code Generator

Create custom code in seconds! Leverage our state-of-the-art AI technology to quickly and easily generate code in any language.

Headline Generator

Helps create creative, impactful headlines for writers and content creators, capturing attention and conveying messages.

Content Improver

Aids in enhancing the quality, clarity, and readability of written content for various professional and academic purposes.

Creative Story Generator

Assists in crafting unique story ideas, characters, and plots for writers and storytellers in various genres.

Company Bio Generator

Streamlines creating engaging, informative company biographies for businesses, highlighting key information and values.

Google My Business - Event Post Generator

Simplifies creating engaging event posts for GMB, driving local customer engagement and foot traffic.

Job Description Generator

Aids HR professionals in crafting clear, effective job descriptions, attracting qualified candidates.


Resume Creator

Assists job seekers in generating professional, tailored resumes that effectively highlight skills and experiences.

Interview Questions Generator

Facilitates creating comprehensive and insightful interview questions for recruiters and hiring managers.


Helps writers craft impactful conclusions for essays, reports, and other communications, enhancing message reinforcement.

Food Recipe

Assists cooks and chefs in creating, documenting, and sharing culinary recipes, simplifying recipe sharing.

Poem Writer

Enables poets to craft unique, heartfelt poems, offering a creative canvas for all levels of poetic expression.

Sports Report

Aids sports journalists in creating timely, comprehensive reports on sporting events, covering a wide range of sports.

Weekly Content Calendar

Streamlines content planning and scheduling across platforms for regular audience engagement.

Post Title Generator

Simplifies generating compelling titles for blogs, articles, and social media to capture audience attention.


Quote Design

Enhances quote presentation with visually appealing graphics, ideal for shareable, inspirational content.

Event Reminder

Facilitates creating personalized, engaging reminders for various events like parties, weddings, and conferences.

Product Promotion

Aids in crafting persuasive, visually appealing promotional content, highlighting product features and benefits.

Engaging Question

Creates thought-provoking questions to foster audience discussions and critical thinking on various topics.

Behind-the-Scenes Peek

Offers exclusive insights into processes or events, deepening audience connection and engagement.

Challenge Creation

Enables designing engaging challenges to encourage audience participation and community building.

Motivational Message

Provides uplifting, encouraging messages to inspire followers, boosting confidence and positivity.

Trending News Share

Quickly crafts informative news articles, offering context and insights on trending news for audience awareness.

Artboard 58

Thumbnail Caption Creator

Generates captivating captions for video thumbnails to attract viewers and increase video engagement.

Call-to-Action Generator

Creates compelling CTAs for videos, encouraging viewer actions like subscribing, liking, and sharing.

Comment Response Composer

Assists in crafting courteous, engaging responses to online comments, enhancing audience interaction.

Video Script Starter

Kickstarts video scripts with engaging introductions for various topics, capturing viewer attention.

Review Solicitation

Encourages customers to leave reviews post-purchase, building trust and improving products or services.

FAQ Response

Streamlines generating clear, informative answers to frequently asked questions, ensuring consistency in responses.

Promotion Announcement

Aids in creating compelling promotional messages, attracting customers and boosting sales for businesses.

Customer Support Reply

Streamlines providing polite, efficient responses to customer queries, enhancing satisfaction and relationships.

Product Recommendation

Generates personalized product suggestions based on customer history, improving shopping experiences and sales.


Order Confirmation

Creates comprehensive order confirmations, detailing purchase and delivery information for a positive customer experience.

return policy-return-product-package-delivery-logistic

Return Policy Explanation

Helps businesses create clear, detailed explanations of return policies, outlining process and criteria.

Restock Alert

Generates notifications for e-commerce, informing customers about the availability of previously out-of-stock items.

Brand Storytelling

Assists in crafting narratives that convey a brand's unique story, values, and mission, enhancing brand identity.

Ad Slogan

Enables creating catchy, memorable slogans for effective brand or product promotion, leaving lasting impressions.

Content Teaser

Creates short, intriguing previews for various content forms, captivating attention and sparking curiosity.

Email Subject Line

Assists in crafting compelling subject lines for marketing emails, encouraging recipients to engage.

Social Media Caption

Generates engaging captions for social media posts, enhancing visual content and audience interaction.

Infographic Text

Simplifies creating concise, informative text for infographics, presenting data in a visually appealing format.

Product Feedback Request

Facilitates gathering customer feedback on products, enhancing customer relationships and product improvement.

Quarterly Business Report Summary

Provides a concise overview of business performance, highlighting key metrics and future goals.

Job Posting

Streamlines creating informative job postings to attract candidates and communicate company values and culture.

Business Meeting Request

Simplifies crafting clear and polite requests for scheduling meetings with clients and partners.

Welcome Email

Creates warm, inviting messages for new subscribers, fostering a positive connection with your brand or service.

Product Launch

Simplifies crafting compelling product launch announcements, highlighting unique features and building anticipation.


Aids in reviving interest among less active subscribers, offering appreciation and incentives to re-engage.

Abandoned Cart Reminder

Streamlines creating reminder messages for e-commerce, encouraging customers to complete their purchases.

Thank You for Purchase

Enables crafting warm, personalized thank-you emails, enhancing customer relationships and satisfaction.

Referral Program

Simplifies creating persuasive messages for referral programs, highlighting benefits and referral bonuses.

Milestone Celebration

Assists in crafting messages for customer milestones, enhancing brand connections with personalized interactions.

Survey Invitation

Streamlines creating engaging survey invitations, emphasizing the value of customer feedback and participation.

Account Activity Alert

Simplifies crafting clear alerts about unusual account activities, enhancing user security and awareness.

Artboard 34

Billing Update

Aids in communicating billing changes transparently, maintaining trust and customer satisfaction.

Subscription Renewal

Streamlines creating renewal reminders for subscription-based services, focusing on satisfaction and upselling.

Event Promo Post

Facilitates generating engaging promotional content for events, with customizable details and visual enhancements.

Facebook Poll Idea

Simplifies creating interactive, thought-provoking poll ideas for enhanced audience engagement on Facebook.

Customer Review Highlight

Aids in leveraging positive customer feedback through engaging posts, building trust and boosting sales.

Meeting Minutes

Streamlines recording business meeting details, ensuring accurate documentation of discussions and decisions.

Memo Creation

Facilitates quick generation of concise, effective internal memos for professional and clear internal communication.

Expense Report

Facilitates creating detailed reports of business-related expenses for tracking, reimbursement, or budgeting.

Appointment Letter

Simplifies crafting official and professional appointment letters, confirming individuals' roles within organizations.

Leave Application

Streamlines the process of composing professional leave requests for personal, medical, or other reasons.

Feedback Form

Aids in generating effective feedback forms for customer satisfaction, employee assessments, or product reviews.

Employee Onboarding Plan

Streamlines creating structured onboarding plans for HR, ensuring successful new employee integration.

Contract Review

Facilitates analyzing and summarizing business or personal contracts, highlighting legal implications and key terms.

Project Proposal

Simplifies crafting detailed project proposals, outlining objectives, scope, timeline, and budget considerations.

Charity & Fundraising Organizer

Helps craft personalized, compelling messages for charity initiatives, engaging potential donors effectively.

Brand Awareness Amplifier

AI-enhanced content creation for Facebook, boosting brand visibility and engagement among diverse audiences.

Holiday Special Campaigner

AI-powered, crafts festive, engaging Facebook campaigns, merging holiday spirit with brand projects.

Targeted Audience Engager

Advanced AI solution for creating personalized content, strengthening brand loyalty and customer satisfaction.

Video Engagement Enhancer

Innovatively produces interactive, captivating videos, enhancing viewer engagement and shareability.

Summarize Text

Efficiently condenses complex text into concise summaries, extracting key information and main points.

Product Description

Streamlines creating compelling, informative product descriptions, enhancing customer attraction and sales.

Article Generator

Quickly generates well-structured, informative articles for creators, bloggers, and marketers across various topics.

Product Name Generator

Simplifies creating catchy, memorable product names, attracting customers and leaving lasting impressions.

So, how does it work?


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